Scorpion Kick*

A brilliant daiquiri riff! This rum, citrus, chocolate and

mint combo is something you’ll never get tired of!


Smooth, flowery, assertive and sweet.

Like nothing you`ve ever tasted!

Gin Rickey*

Our favourite zero-sugar drink, and at the same time

one of the most invigorating cocktails you can mix up!

Sparkling Autumn Sangria*

Can it get any better than this lush, fruity beverage?

We think not!

Allergens: Sulphites


One of the most vain cocktails you`ll ever find.

Allergens: Sulphites

GT & Tea*

Two of life’s greatest pleasures is gin and tea,

so why not put them together?

Alaska Sour**

Gin and Green Chartreuse. Made as a sour!


Quite simply a perfect cockatil <3

Allergens: Sulphites


We also serve non-alcoholic Cocktails; just ask us in the bar.

* Fresh and delicate

** Adventurous, but no too rough

*** Complex, and not for everyone

All Cocktails cost 126,-